Victor Emmanuel stands tall to welcome visitors to Rome's National Monument of Victor Emmanuel

Standing tall and proud in front of the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II or National Monument of Victor Emmanuel, this equestrian statue carries the first newly-crowned king of a "united" Italy. The monument is known by some as the "Wedding Cake" and is located between Piazza Venezia and Capitoline Hill, just outside the Roman Forum.


  1. I'm sure he does. Too bad the picture is not of him.

  2. Thank you my statues mixed up. This is none other than Victor Emmanuel as you probably know.

  3. how majestic! love the silhouette against the waning light. very nice indeed!

  4. Hi Mei,
    Thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, the setting sun cast this statue in a most spectacular silhouette, I couldn't wait to capture the moment forever! Truly incredible!!

  5. Realmente, muito imponente a Estátua. Os italianos são muito bons nessa arte. Parabéns pelo post!

    1. Muito obrigado pela visita e pelas suas amáveis ​​palavras.

      I hope that translates well! Thanks again!


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