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A luxury pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago?

Pilgrim’s Log: June 10, 2018 "We can cultivate the soul of a pilgrim where we stay open to a way of life that is always open to newness. Ultimately pilgrimage is an outer journey in the service of this inner transformation." Christine Valters Paintner

In my last entry in the Pilgrim’s log, I asked the question “Who is the Modern-day Pilgrim?” Well, this September, I plan to find out the answer to that and many other questions when I gear up to embark on my own Camino de Santiago pilgrimage with Authentic Journeys, a travel company that specializes in and prides itself upon its “luxury” Caminos—two escorted tours along the Camino de Santiago that combine luxury with Camino tradition. You might call me a privileged or spoiled pilgrim because Authentic Journeys takes care of all the details from nightly deluxe accommodations to pilgrim feasts indulged by ravenous peregrinos after the day’s walk, not to mention cultural immersion in each of the regions their tours pass through.…

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