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Walking to the End of the World - a story of courage and conviction along the Camino de Santiago

"Be for them shade in the heat of the day, light in the darkenss of night, relief in tiredness, so that they may come safely, under your protection, to the end of their journey." Pilgrim Mass in Le Puy, France. In my ongoing quest to keep the spirit of the Camino de Santiago alive at home after my own pilgrimage last September, I just finished a wonderful new Camino book, "Walking to the Ending of the World: A Thousand Miles on the Camino de Santiago" by Beth Jusino, released in October. To date, I have read more than 10 Camino narratives but this book is one of the most enjoyable and engaging accounts of the pilgrimage; a story about a courageous woman and her husband who dared to push their physical and psychological endurance to the limits along the sacred Way of Saint James aka Camino de Santiago—a pilgrimage route that stretches from various points throughout Europe to the tomb of Saint James in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

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