Welcome to EuroTravelogue and thank you for stopping by! My name is Jeff Titelius, a travel writer savoring the journey as well as the destination! Wherever the roads or rivers or rails may lead, connecting with European cultures is at the heart and soul of my journeys; and my online journal is filled with those wondrous stories about storybook villages, majestic castles, art and architecture, history and the visual romance of the landscape. Inspired by an insatiable thirst for the human experience, it is my hope that my travels are transformative—forever changing the man I was before I left. And so with journal and camera in tow, I bring these rich encounters to you, to inspire the traveler within, in hopes that you return a changed person as well. Won’t you join me?

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"I know you must be busy, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for Euro Travelogue; ever since I first came across it a couple of weeks ago, it's been an inspirational resource for me time and time again! Can't wait to start traveling. So thank you. :)" Vikki

"What an incredible story! Worthy of Hemingway. I actually spent an entire summer in Rome and went to the Forum, reciting and reading texts in Latin etc. What a wonderful time I had, and thank you for refreshing this memory through a great tale of yours." Charu

"Well these are some pretty awesome photographs! I loved the first picture of the Louvre. I usually don't like the pyramid (first trip to Paris was pre-pyramid and I'm just not sure I like it!) but this was stunning. Can't agree more about climbing Notre Dame!I think I need to focus on taking pictures. I'm envious that yours turn out so nice!" EuropeanTravelista

"Gorgeous photos and superb writing. I love the line "translucent majesty." Anyone who reads this is going to make this church a must stop thanks to your writing." TravelingTed

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