The Splendor of Tuscany—Sharing Memories and Dreams Contest

Farm house in Le Crete.  Photo: Property of Abbeville Press.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.
For centuries, the allure of Tuscany has captivated our imaginations with evocative images of hilltop towns, Renaissance art and architecture and Cyprus-lined roads meandering through golden fields of sunflowers. I’ll never forget my first trip to Tuscany, Italy—it was love at first sight. Immediately, I fell under the Tuscan spell when the most picturesque scenery unfolded before my eyes, whether in its cities or the surrounding countryside.

Farm house in northern Tuscany.  Don't you just love the warm tones of a Tuscan Landscape.  Photo: Property of Abbeville Press.  Unauthorized use is prohibited. 
As you know, I have written many articles expressing my love of Tuscany so when Abbeville Press contacted me about a Tuscany book contest, I jumped at the chance. Having never executed a promotion like this, I thought a book review and contest would be a nice departure not to mention fun for both you and me. After all, who could turn down an assignment about the visual romance of Tuscany?

'Tuscany' front cover design.
Photo: Property of Abbeville Press.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.    
Before we discuss our contest, let me give you a brief overview of the book. Duly entitled “Tuscany” and written by Marie-Ange Guillaume with photography by Sonja Bullaty and Angelo Lomeo, “Tuscany” is not a guidebook, but a keepsake coffee-table book that remains timeless in its content despite its 1995 publication date. From its written word to its picturesque photography, the book introduces us to Tuscany through unique impressions from many an eclectic vantage point. Beginning with historical accounts and pejorative reflections by the literary giants, the book then leads us through the expansive landscapes of rolling hills and vineyards; invites us into storied medieval hilltop towns rich in Gothic and Renaissance histories; escorts us through the prominent cities of Florence, Pisa and Siena; and finally welcomes us to the coastal towns from Massa to Viagreegio. In addition, I found two chapters especially fascinating because of their unique looks at Tuscany: an essay about the variety of marble and how it's used, and a study of the stone faces that gaze upon us from the iconic statuary found throughout Tuscany. The visual romance of this land certainly comes to life in “Tuscany” and I am glad to add it to my ever-mounting collection of Tuscan books!

The renowned Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi.  Photo: Property of Abbeville Press.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.    

Twilight at Campo dei Miracoli in Pisa.  Photo: Property of Abbeville Press.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.     

Roman aqueduct in Gubbio.  Photo: Property of Abbeville Press.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.     
Now that you have a taste of “Tuscany,” so to speak, it’s on to the contest where you have the opportunity to win your own copy of “Tuscany.” All you need to do is share your favorite memory or why you want to visit Tuscany in 50 words or less on Abbeville Press Facebook page and include "Tuscany Contest" at the beginning of your entry.  This is your chance to be creative and impress Abbeville Publishing with your poetic prose. Have fun!

Castello di Brolio in the Chianti area.  Photo: Property of Abbeville Press.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.    

A priest peeks out of his
window in Pisa. Photo:
Property of Abbeville
Press. Unauthorized
use is prohibited. 
To enter, you must “Like” Abbeville Press on Facebook and post your entry on their wall by 11:59 p.m. EST on February 26. Abbeville Press will collect and review all the entries and then select one entry as the winner. Then on February 27, stop back here on EuroTravelogue to find out who the lucky winner is and to read their inspiring story. Keep in mind that all submissions must be posted on the Abbeville Press Facebook page and by 11:59 p.m. EST on Feb 26 however, I still welcome your comments below. I can’t wait to read everyone’s Tuscan dreams and memories!



  1. Thanks for this, Jeff! Looking at these photos brought back memories so vivid I can almost smell Tuscany's herb-scented hills. I'll definitely be entering the contest!

  2. TUSCANY! For me, this town/city is what Italy is all about (aside from Venice, of course.) The beauty of its landscapes grips my heart. *sigh*

  3. Hi there Lesley and Marlys, I couldn't agree more with both of you! Tuscany is paradise found in Italy from the north to the south filled with exotic landscapes and old-world charm! Thank you both for stopping by to share your experiences.

  4. This is truly something from a movie. No wonder they filmed "under the Tuscan Sun" in this region--so idyllic. Lovely shots!

  5. Hi Charu!!
    Couldn't agree with you more...I just love Tuscany too!! I will share your photo compliments with Abbeville Press...they'll be thrilled. Thx so much for stopping by, RTing and sharing your thoughts!


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