Magnificent Rialto Bridge spans the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

Completed in 1591, the Rialto Bridge is one of four bridges that span the Grand Canal of Venice, Italy and its oldest.  Although many architects were considered to design and build the bridge - including the magnificent Michelangelo - it was awarded ultimately to Antonio da Ponte who more or less, mirrored its wooden predecessor.  It is a pedestrian only bridge lined with souvenir shops unlike the timeless Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence that is sparkling with its merchants' gold shops.  Read more about Venice and its magnificent 15th century charm!


  1. Fantastic photo Jeff! Your posts always make me want to visit Italy :)

  2. Thank you Leslie for the nice sentiments! Really appreciate you stopping by to share your thoughts...LOL...I always want to visit Italy every time I see or write them too...

  3. Wonderful photo! I miss Italy so much. Thank you for bringing me another reason to pack my bags :)

  4. Hi Charu and thanks for stopping by. Glad I could inspire another trip for you...only this time, you're taking me!

  5. That is really cool that the color of the bridge is very similar to the building in the background.

    1. Thank you so much Ted for stopping by and for your comments. You know, Venice is so photogenic that almost every view, every vista, is a Kodak moment waiting to happen!


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