Hotel Monna Lisa in Florence - 14th century palazzo

The Hotel Monna Lisa in Florence should be tops among your selection when it comes to choosing accommodations in Florence, Italy.  Located in the historical city centre, this 14th century palazzo captures the essence and traditions of Florence during the 14th century Renaissance. Immediately, you are immersed into art and architecture of the period with antique furnishings rounding your experience.  The verdant and fragrant courtyard pictured here is surrounded by the hotel on three sides with the neighboring convent on the fourth.  Read more about the Hotel Monna Lisa.


  1. What an lovely courtyard--looks the perfect spot to imagine oneself back in the 14th century!

    1. Hi there Lesley and thanks so much for stopping by. Hopefully you've seen my other more detailed post about the Hotel Monna Lisa...lot's more pics too. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.


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