15 April 2012

Seizing the Moments of my Journey with Viking River Cruises

Living in the moment in Marken, Netherlands.  I happened upon this picturesque view of a tiny drawbridge leading into a village street.  All content property of EuroTravelogue™.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.  

“The journey not the arrival matters.” – T. S. Eliot

In those six words, T.S. Eliot encapsulates the wondrous journey that is travel and my mission in life, but he also reminds us not to simply get from place to place, but to live in each moment along the way! Of course I agree that the destination is the highlight of any holiday and the reason for which we travel but isn’t the journey equally sublime? Can it be? Have you ever been thrust into a single moment that ignited your childlike wonder and sent it soaring to unimaginable heights? Or, have you shared an encounter with new friends in faraway lands? These kinds of moments, all too often fleeting but sometimes euphoric, are always high on any of my itineraries and my recent adventure with Viking River Cruises proved to be no different. My river cruise through the Netherlands not only delivered on my expectations of a European cruise, it exceeded them with unforgettable moments that I seized and reveled in for the time afforded me. And so it is with this underlying theme of “the journey not the arrival” that I weave together some memories from my journey in the Netherlands—unexpected points in time that enriched my “journey” along the way.

10 April 2012

Guided Canal Boat Tour Through the Historic City of Amsterdam

A great way to tour the city of Amsterdam is via canal boat.  Explore the architecture, the monuments and life in this enchanting city.  All content property of EuroTravelogue™.  Unauthorized use is prohibited. 

After we awoke in Amsterdam on an historic day for Viking River Cruises, we were invited to embark on Amsterdam’s renowned glass-topped canal boats for a guided tour through the city’s legendary canals from its historic architecture and fabled gables to its quaint neighborhoods and charming houseboats. And you can actually rent one of these quaint and charming houseboats for your stay in Amsterdam! How cool would that be? Then it was onto a walk through the heart of the Jewish quarter including visits to the nearly 350-year-old Portuguese synagogue and the Jewish Historical Museum—both poignant reminders of the persecution suffered by the Amsterdam Jews during WWII. Topping off our morning tour was a scrumptious lunch at De Kas (The Greenhouse), whose fully-operational greenhouse determines the menu of the day based on only the freshest ingredients! I must say, it was the best lunch I had ever eaten! But for now, let’s embark on our journey through this quintessential “Venice of the North”…your glass-topped boat is standing by. We’ll come back to our tour of the Jewish quarter in a later post.

03 April 2012

Guided Tour Through Viking River Cruise's Longship Viking Odin

Welcome to the Viking Odin.  This elegant two-story atrium welcomes you on board. All content property of EuroTravelogue™. Unauthorized use is prohibited.   

Before we embark on fascinating journeys through the Netherlands, let me first introduce you to the Viking Odin longship, my home away from home on the waterways of Europe! As you know from my first post, we celebrated the Christening of four new longships on March 21st, so by now you’re probably wondering about these "longships" and what makes them so special. Steeped in Viking lore, longships were the sailing vessels of the intrepid Viking explorers and it is this tradition that inspired Viking River Cruises to design and build a new class of longships but in 21st –century style. Let us now embark on a tour of these magnificent ships that are redefining the way we think about European travel!