25 September 2011

ArtOdysseys: The Florence Baptistery—Through the ‘Gates Of Paradise’

The eastern facade of Saint John's Baptistery in Florence showing Ghiberti's "Gates of Paradise." All photography unless noted is the property of EuroTravelogue™.  Please do not use without permission. 

Welcome to ArtOdysseys—my new monthly series that unites my love of travel with my passion for art—connecting with masterpieces around the world. Combining art and travel is my mission wherever I travel and I plan to chronicle my experiences and discoveries to share with you. Each month will bring a new topic and this month’s is Religious Architecture, hence my choice of the Florence Baptistery for its multidimensional symbolism of this world and the next.

24 September 2011

Exploring Durham Cathedral in Northeast England

Durham Cathedral in northeast England as seen from the Palace Green.  All photos and editorial are property of Alasdair Carter.  Please do not use without permission.  

This week, I am excited to introduce guest blogger Alasdair Carter, a journalist and broadcaster who has appeared on radio in as diverse locations from the USA, UK, Europe and Australia. Having traveled widely across three continents, Alasdair returned home to the UK to rediscover the history and heritage of his homeland. Whether walking high in the fells or on walls built by Romans almost 2,000 years ago, he seeks often-overlooked stories in towns and cities and has a real eye for the offbeat.  

Alasdair takes us on an insightful and intimate journey through the past and present of Durham Cathedral in northeast England.

You can follow Alasdair on Twitter @pixandpen and be sure to check out his website CartersCountry.Co.UK.  I hope you enjoy his story!  Jeff Titelius 

Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral sits high on the peninsula above the city and dominates the skyline, regardless of which direction you approach. However, my advice is to arrive in Durham by train. The reason for this is the railway station sits high on a hill, there are many hills in the city, and provides a spectacular view from the train whether you are planning to alight or simply passing through.

19 September 2011

Santa Reparata—the Duomo Beneath the Duomo in Florence, Italy

Santa Reparata—the Duomo beneath the Duomo in Florence.  This image shows the altar of Saint Zanobius.  All photos are property of EuroTravelogue™.  Please do not use without permission.  

Imagine a portal back in time to 4th-century Florence and Santa Reparata—an early-Christian basilica that lies beneath the Florence Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore. One such portal exists and it’s waiting to transport you back to a time when Romans walked the streets of the colony of Florentia. Discovered after a major renovation of the Duomo in 1966, Santa Reparata was unearthed just four meters below the floor of today’s Duomo and its remains are surprisingly intact. From Roman arches and mosaics to frescoes and tombs, you can retrace the basilica’s 1,600-year history to see these relics in startlingly well-preserved condition. The allure and mystery of discovering this portal compelled me to take the journey back in time to see what fascinating discoveries await. Won’t you join me?

10 September 2011

Postcards from Paris, France—A Tour Through the 'City Of Light'

Striking contrasts at the Louvre and the seemingly "liquid" glass pyramid!
All images are property of EuroTravelogue.  Please do not use without permission.  
Around every corner in the “City of Light,” awaits a quintessentially Parisian-perfect postcard that fills your frame with the unforgettable sights of Paris. From its soaring monuments and magnificent architecture to its scenic views along the Seine and charming sidewalk cafes, Paris captivates us with its visual romance that fills our hearts with cherished memories! Whether brilliant sunshine and contrasting shadows or cloudy skies casting a subdued light that saturates the colors, Paris is beautifully bathed in any light. And at night, the city twinkles in dazzling displays of illuminations at the Eiffel Tower as well as the warm glow of the ambient light along its boulevards.  It's magical!

03 September 2011

The Roman Forum – A Guided Tour Through the Present and the Past

Welcome to the Roman Forum and Via Sacre—your road to Imperial Rome. ALL PHOTOGRAPHY property of EuroTravelogue™ unless specifically noted. Please do not use photos without permission.
Standing testament for more than 2,000 years to a time when Rome held the world within its mighty grasp—the Roman Forum offers us a glimpse back in time, back to the glory days of the eternal city, back to when all roads led to Rome, back to when this small patch of earth was THE center of all civilization. From the Roman Colosseum to Capitoline Hill, we’ll walk along Via Sacre or the Sacred Way just as the ancient Romans did and discover relics and ruins dating back to Caesar, Nero and Constantine. We’ll explore monuments and sculptures and fascinating remains of colossal basilicas as well. Grab your guidebooks…what you don’t have one? Well, I strongly recommend you have some sort of guide so you are armed with the knowledge of what you’re actually looking at. So, you can print out this article, purchase a guide book from a local vendor or bring along a Rick Steves guide [the best and most detailed] like I did. Although this article may be a little long, I feel it is important to not only identify some the main sites but explain their significance in history. Now we embark on our journey—back 2,000 years on your guided tour through the Roman Forum.