30 October 2014

A Visit to Gstaad, Switzerland

Welcome to Gstaad, Switzerland. Photo:
Welcome to Gstaad, Switzerland. Photo:

According to legend, it was God's hand that created Switzerland's Saanenland region when He set it down to rest while creating the rest of the world. His imprint became the valleys and within His fingers, nine enchanting villages cradled within Alpine grandeur—chief among them is Gstaad. Located in Bernese Oberland (Highlands) in Switzerland's southwestern Alps, nearly smack dab in between Zurich and Geneva, Gstaad is renowned for its popularity among the royals, celebrities and jet set.

05 October 2014

Falling in love with Europe at the movies

Peles Castle in Romania plays a leading role in 'Princess for Christmas.' Photo: Adam Shafer.
Peles Castle in Romania plays a leading role in "Princess for Christmas." Photo: Adam Shafer.

It's undeniable that every time I see a movie filmed in Europe, I fall deeper in love with the continent—"Roman Holiday," "The Sound of Music," "Chocolat," "Under the Tuscan Sun," "Letters to Juliet," "Before Sunrise," "Midnight in Paris"—among hundreds of others, my wanderlust ignites and my longing to visit all of these places becomes insatiable. While I have traveled to many of the locations mentioned in the films above, there are a few that still elude me. One day, I plan to conquer all but for now, the visits are relegated to the stuff of dreams, at least for the moment anyway.