30 June 2012

ArtOdysseys—The Art of European Travel Photography

The turreted rooftop of Chateau de Chambord in the Loire Valley in France resembles a French provincial village. All content property of EuroTravelogue™. Unauthorized use is prohibited. 

Welcome to ArtOdysseys once again my friends with this month's installment—the art of photography—the visual romance—from the sublime landscapes and medieval castles to the charming seaside villages and fascinating cultures. I hope you enjoy this visual tour through Europe and don’t forget to scroll to the end for more links leading you to unique perspectives on photography from around the world.

24 June 2012

Guided Tour to the Tuscan Hilltop Town of Pienza, Italy

Welcome to the hilltop town of Pienza, Italy—quaint and charming not to mention a perch upon which to revel in the most splendid views of Tuscany. All content is the property of EuroTravelogue™. Unauthorized use is prohibited. 

Destination Pienza, Italy! After spending the morning driving south from Florence through glorious Tuscany with a stop at Montepulciano to indulge in savory delectables and tasty wines, we continued our tour heading west through some of the most sublime landscapes I've ever encountered. Located 15 minutes away from Montepulciano is the historic hilltop town of Pienza—about a third smaller than her sister Montepulciano but much bigger on charm! While there's not an awful lot to see in this quaint village, you'll revel in its narrow cobbled lanes flanked by striking Renaissance architecture. What I remember most from my visit were the vivid flower baskets of vibrant red blooms hanging from every window along the streets and the most magnificent views of the surrounding Tuscan countryside from the promenades at the perimeter. Join me on this guided tour through Pienza!

12 June 2012

A Voyage to Volendam in The Netherlands

Welcome to Volendam in The Netherlands.  All content is the property of EuroTravelogue™. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

My adventures with Viking River Cruises continue with an excursion to Volendam which included a visit to Edam for a walk around this quaint village and of course cheese tasting; followed by early afternoon in Marken, an idyllic seaside escape; and finally back to Volendam for a more immersive experience in this historic port town on the shores of the Markermeer Sea—25-minutes from Amsterdam. It was just after lunch when our "Viking Odin" longship docked in the heart of this quintessential seaside village and soon thereafter, we were whisked off on the aforementioned tours. We departed Marken via the local ferry Marken Express that cruised across the Markermeer Sea en-route to Volendam to spend the rest of the day exploring. Join me as we tour the charming port of Volendam, The Netherlands.

04 June 2012

ArtOdysseys—Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus' at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

Close-up view of Venus in Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus.' Photo: Wikimedia. 

Once again my friends, it's time for the monthly installment of ArtOdysseys—my ongoing series that unites my love of art and travel. This month's focus in "paintings." With that said, I invite you on an odyssey to Florence, the Uffizi Gallery actually, to discover one of my all-time favorite masterpieces by Botticelli! Enjoy the tour and be sure to click on the links at the end of this feature to read my colleagues' contributions as well.