31 March 2012

Celebrating the Launch of Viking River Cruise Longships in the Netherlands

The Viking River Cruises Longship Viking Odin in port in Volendam, Netherlands.  All content is copyrighted property of EuroTravelogue™. Unauthorized use is prohibited.  

Cruising the rivers of Europe was only a dream, until last week that is, when I realized that dream with Viking River Cruises. It all began with an email from Viking back in mid-February inviting me to Amsterdam for their inaugural celebration for four of the six world-class river-cruise longships scheduled to debut this year; and then sail with them to lands unknown to me—the Netherlands. As you know from my announcement a few weeks ago, I was, and still am for that matter; incredibly euphoric about the adventure with Viking. Imagine, idyllic landscapes punctuated by fanciful windmills, or perhaps quaint and charming seaside villages steeped in time-honored traditions. This is but the first in a series of posts chronicling my Viking explorations—from the Christening ceremony of the new ships in Amsterdam to our intrepid exploration through the Netherlands. With pen and lens in tow, I bring these journeys to life for you and with that, I welcome you onboard the Viking Odin and to the Netherlands!

09 March 2012

Postcards from the Loire Valley in France

The Loire Valley in France is home to elegant chateaux, sprawling fertile farmland and some of the most scenic landscapes in all of France. All photography is property of EuroTravelogue™. Unauthorized use is prohibited.  

Renowned for its 1,000+ medieval and Renaissance chateaux, abundant vineyards and sublime landscapes, the Loire Valley beckons to all who plan to spend their holiday in France! At the heart of all of this visual splendor lies the River Loire that stretches 600 miles or so from the south of France north through Orleans and then west where it empties into the Atlantic. Along its meandering course, you’ll discover hilltops punctuated by magnificent fairy tale castles that open a portal into the past—from Amboise where the remains of Leonardo Da Vince are believed to rest, to Chinon where Joan of Arc met with Charles the VII, and finally to Chambord—the largest of ALL the chateaux and believe it or not, a hunting lodge for Francis I. The Loire Valley in France is steeped in history and awaiting your discovery.