19 June 2011

Discovering Montepulciano high atop the golden hills of Tuscany, Italy

Montepulciano – quaint medieval streets wind their way around the citadel. All photography is property of EuroTravelogue™. Unauthorized use is prohibited.
The allure of Tuscany with its picturesque landscapes and medieval towns perched high atop the golden hills has attracted visitors to this region of Italy for decades, if not centuries, and Montepulciano is just one of many historical citadels throughout Tuscany that beckon visitors to come and explore its medieval streets and piazzas. Mostly known for its regional Vino Nobile wines, a visit to Montepulciano delivers on the promise of that quintessential Tuscan experience that you imagine as you picture yourself on a journey under the Tuscan sun to ancient cities brimming with Italian life!

12 June 2011

Frémiet's Joan of Arc – Claims Victory in Paris, France

Joan of Arc immortalized in the Place des Pyramides in Paris, France.  
Outside the Hotel Regina in Paris, France, in the center of a little square – the Place des Pyramides – stands a striking  golden sculpture of Joan of Arc whose brilliance contrasts with the mundane stone-colored buildings that surround her.  Ready for battle, Joan of Arc astride her mighty steed, shines quite brilliantly from afar.  Luckily for me, she was just a few steps outside my hotel's front door.

Designed by Emmanuel Frémiet, this sculpture is actually an "updated" version of its predecessor originally installed here in 1874.  Because of a Philadelphia commission for a replica, Frémiet instead gave Philadelphia the original while placing a newly revised statue in the square in 1889 and it is this successor that we see today.  There is one other that stands in Portland, Oregon, the third of three magnificent and brilliant equestrian sculptures.

Au Revoir! 

05 June 2011

Santa Maria del Fiore, aka Duomo, – the flower of Florence, Italy!

Santa Maria del Fiore, aka Duomo, in Florence Italy.  

Santa Maria del Fiore – the Duomo – the centerpiece of Florence city centre evokes wonder and awe, not to mention an overwhelming sense of feeling quite dwarfed as you stand beside this titanic cathedral. Looking up, the unmistakable Brunelleschi's dome and Giotto's campanile  rising majestically alongside. Steeped in history, the Duomo and the site on which it stands has been the religious center of Florence for more than 1,600 years when Florentia, as it was known in the 4th century, was bustling not with Florentines, but Romans.